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Welcome to the Bozrah Veteran Service contact page. My name is Jim Robertson. I am honored to serve the veterans of the Town of Bozrah.

Public Act No. 13-34 which became Law in 2013 is an ACT requiring cities and towns to designate a Veterans Service Contact Person. My role is to provide assistance to all veterans and their families concerning veteran affairs. If I cannot help you personally, I will get you in touch with the correct point of contacts to adequately address your needs. It is not a requirement that you go through me for anything. However having worked with the VA, I can advise you from personal experience, not to go it alone. The State of CT and the VA have some excellent people to help us through the process of filing your claim. If you need assistance initiating a claim or obtaining a military service or health record or just have some questions, please contact me. Either at this email or through the Town Hall.

What and who is a Veteran?

C.G.S. 27-103. (a) As used in the general statutes, except chapter 504, and except as otherwise provided: (1) "Armed forces" means the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Air Force and any reserve component thereof, including the Connecticut National Guard performing duty as provided in Title 32 of the United States Code; (2) "veteran" means any person honorably discharged from, or released under honorable conditions from active service in, the armed forces; (3) "service in time of war" means service of ninety or more cumulative days except, if the period of war lasted less than ninety days, "service in time of war" means service for the entire period of war, unless separated from service earlier because of a service-connected disability rated by the Veterans' Administration, during a period of war; and (4) "period of war" has the same meaning as provided in 38 USC 101, as amended, except that the "Vietnam Era" means the period beginning on February 28, 1961, and ending on July 1, 1975, in all cases; and "period of war" shall include service while engaged in combat or a combat support role in Lebanon, July 1, 1958, to November 1, 1958, or September 29, 1982, to March 30, 1984; Grenada, October 25, 1983, to December 15, 1983; Operation Earnest Will, involving the escort of Kuwaiti oil tankers flying the United States flag in the Persian Gulf, July 24, 1987, to August 1, 1990; and Panama, December 20, 1989, to January 31, 1990, and shall include service during such periods with the armed forces of any government associated with the United States.

Do I qualify for Benefits?

Click Here to go to the CT Department of Veteran Affairs to look for your answer to your questions. There is a lot of information on the qualifications for benefits. You can even obtain copies of your Service Record, Medical Record, and DD214.  Family members of deceased veterans may also receive information and records of their Veteran at this link. Some other helpful links can be found here.

Disabled American Veterans DAV

If you are looking for the Disabled American Veterans, click here for their website locator.


American Legion AL

​There is an American Legion Post in Bozrah. Rivers-Janowicz Post 138 has been in existence since 27 July 1939. There are numerous programs for Youth and Family that we support, and you don’t have to be a member.  Some programs do not require you to be a veteran.  If you would like to know more about these programs or are interested in joining our post contact us at Or you can visit the Department of CT American Legion website.

Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW

There are no Posts in Bozrah for the VFW. If you would like to contact a local VFW post for assistance click here. American Veterans AMVETS

There are no posts for AMVETS in Bozrah. If you would like to contact an AMVETS post click here.

Additional Veteran Resources (

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