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The Bozrah School District prepares and inspires all students to realize their fullest potential by encouraging dedication to excellence, providing a stimulating learning environment, and fostering a commitment towards others.

Bozrah Elementary School serving pre-school through grade 8.

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The Bozrah School District does not have a high school, enabling our students to have a breadth of school choice for secondary education.  The following options are available to Bozrah high school students:

The town provides tuition and transportation for students to attend two Designated High Schools, Norwich Free Academy and Lyman Memorial High School in Lebanon.


NFA  - Norwich Free Academy

NFA is located in neighboring Norwich, CT.  It is the only remaining privately governed, independently endowed academy in the state of Connecticut.  Blending the very best of private and public education, NFA offers students a truly unparalleled four year student experience. At Norwich Free Academy, we empower our students to be fearlessly independent. Here, they have the freedom to explore their passions from the arts, sciences and humanities to hospitality, manufacturing and much more. Our robust selection of core and elective courses is unmatched by any public school in the region, giving students endless opportunities to explore new horizons. International mindedness is an integral part of who we are. At NFA, we value the diverse cultures and perspectives that make up our school community. We work continuously to foster an environment of respect, collaboration and empathy for all students.

Lyman Memorial High School

Located in neighboring Lebanon, CT.  Lyman Memorial offers a small school setting while providing a comprehensive educational program preparing students for college and career readiness.  The motto of our school is “Small school, Big Opportunities” and we truly offer that for our students with rigorous academics, access to art and music exploration, and numerous extracurricular activities like sports, clubs and theatre.  Students who wish to come to Lyman can also choose to apply to our award winning Agricultural Science and Technology Education program and join classmates from other surrounding communities.  Students pursue interests in animal science,

          plant science, mechanics and natural resources leading to jobs in fields like                              veterinary medicine, forestry services, diesel mechanics, future DEEP officers and                  preparation for many other areas.  Feel free to contact us for more information or to            set up a tour of our charming school with a family feel.

The State of CT provides tuition and the town provides transportation to Norwich Technical High School and other state technical high schools that offer technical education programs not available at Norwich Tech.

Norwich Technical High School is located in.  Our 12 technology programs cover the following clusters for grades 9-12: Construction, Hospitality, Health Occupations, Transportation and Technology. Our academic program is competitive and comprehensive. Students must take core courses, but also have the opportunity to add electives to fulfill their credit requirements. In their junior year, students also have the ability to take advantage of our work-based learning program, where they can earn credit while working during the school day in their trade.  Norwich Technical High School offers extra-curricular activities in athletics, clubs and service organizations. We have a full-service restaurant open to the public, a full-service hair salon and a gift shop.


The town also  provides tuition (no transportation) for students to attend Approved High Schools, Waterford High School and the CT Interdistrict Magnet Schools

Waterford High School

Waterford  Public  Schools  is  a  community  of  learners  that  fosters and  supports high  aspirations,  ensuring  every  student  acquires  the skills  and  knowledge necessary  to  be  a  responsible  citizen, prepared  to contribute  and succeed  in an ever In support  of  this  Mission,  we believe: changing  world.   Education  is  a collaborative responsibility  requiring  a  partnership  among  the individual,  family, school  system,  and  community.   Safety,  integrity,  and  respect  are  critical  to support  success  for all  learners.  The greatest  potential  for learning  occurs  when an  individual’s  social, emotional,  and  academic needs  are met. Student  growth and achievement  are  enhanced  when  curiosity,  creativity, and  continuous improvement  are  valued  by  all  members  of the  learning community. Evidence and information  are  the foundation  of sound  decision-making. 


CT Interdistrict Magnet Schools

Interdistrict magnet schools attract students from different districts who come together to learn in education settings that offer a range of themes or teaching philosophies that include STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), environmental science, Montessori, performing arts, and global and international studies.  Some high school programs also provide opportunities for students to receive college credit with higher education partnerships.

For more information about Interdistrict magnet schools go to Connecticut State Department of Education.

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