A new source for information is now available

If you are interested in having access to Town of Bozrah information or receiving notifications, sign up for TextMyGov. This smart texting technology allows anyone to quickly find links, documents, and access contact information. It is available for use around the clock and allows you to engage more efficiently with the town. There are 2 ways to use TextMyGov and the best way to get familiar is to use it!

To get information, text "Hi" to 860-891-2008.

  • For example: Text one of the keywords, such as: "Assessor" and the response will direct you to the email, phone number, and Property Card access. Simply touch a link to continue. You will be able to send an email, call, or access the information through the Town of Bozrah website.
  • To report an issue or ask a question, concerning roads or other, answer the questions to forward the information to the town.

To receive notifications or town alerts, text "BOZRAH" TO 91896.

For Example: Once you opt-in, you may receive up to 4 text messages a month.